Moxie Record Company Known Singles and EPs
101 Tongues Of Truth  Let's Talk About Girls, You Can't Come Back [Label: 13 Records]
102 Rick Duncan & The Mushroom Cloud  The Voyeur, I'm In Love [single sided 33 1/3 rpm]
103 The Unknown  Look For Me Babe, Bluejean Man (B-side plays 2 Zappa songs. Copies that play side A of M1004 on B-side also exist.) [33 1/3 rpm] 
104 Rogues  Train Kept A Rollin', You Better Look Now [single sided 33 1/3 rpm]
105 Kronos and the Felching Vampires  9 Punk Poems [33 1/3 rpm]
106 Electric Train  Try Harder
1001 Ned and Nelda b/w Baby Ray and The Ferns (Frank Zappa & Ray Collins) Hey Nelda, Surf Along / How's Your Bird, World's Greatest Sinner [33 1/3 rpm]
1002 The Quite Frankly Band  Crooked Line / The Instructor of the Wilderness [33 1/3 rpm]
1003 International Submarine Band  The Russians Are Coming, Truck Drivin Man / Love Not There, One Day Week [Label: Rocket To Stardom  33 1/3 rpm]
1004 Chocolate Watchband  Sweet Young Thing, Don't Need Your Lovin' / Misty Lane, She Weaves a Tender Trap [Label: Mutt Records 33 1/3 rpm]
1005 Cigarettes  Gimme Cigarette / Oh Oh Oh
1006 Late Show  What Happened To The Moon / Robot's Lullaby [45 rpm]
1007 # 1 60s Punk Sampler  Various Artists: 5 Canadians, Never Alone; Dirty Shames,  I Don't Care; Emperors, I Want My Woman / Era Of Sound, Girl In A Miniskirt; Sparkles, No Friend Of Mine; Denims, White Ship. [33 1/3 rpm Kronos Executive Producer]  
1008 Mike Repp & The Quotas  Quasar / Rocket To Nowhere [33 1/3 rpm]
1009 Jay Condom  Let's Make Lust / Apeweek [Label: Eep Yellow vinyl]
1010 Skooshny [33 1/3 rpm]
1011 Rich & Famous  Gravity / Return To Whatever 
1012 Destry Hampton and the Wolves From Hell  Angel of Madness, Razor King / Paradise, Mean Boys [Label: Z'Bop  45 rpm]
1013 60s Punk EP Vol 2  Various Artists: Them, Dirty Old Man, Acid Head; Velvet Illusions,  Velvet Illusions / Teddy & His Patches,  Haight Ashbury; Thee Sixpence,  My Flash On You; Twas Brillig ,  Dirty Old Man
1014 Imperial Dogs  This Ain't The Summer Of Love / I'm Waiting For The Man [Label: Back Door Man Records] 
1015 Rich & Famous  Very Complex / Nuclear Bondage
1016 The Vanitys  Coconuts For You / (When You're) So Far Away [Label: Rings of Saturn Records] 
1017 The Children  I Can Get By / So Bad Tonite [Label: Oh Yeah! Records]
1018 Rich & Famous  Neutron Star / High Road To The 80s (Max Ernst Suite, Pt. 1)
1019 The Last  Every Summer Day / Hitler's Brother [Label: Backlash Records] 
1020 Brad  You / Intergalactic Man [Label: Majestic Record Co.]
1021 Tommy  Give You All I Got (Vocal version) / Give You All I Got (Instrumental version)
1022 M  Espionage Baby, You've Been Had / The Sounds of M [Label: FlipSide Records] 
1023 Robin Ramsey  I Want To Be That One / What Am I Supposed To Do [Label: Green Music]
1024 Snowstorm  Just Like The One / To The Point
1025 The Bodysnatchers  Bourgeois Fun / College Grad [Label: Proletariat Records] 
1026 Rich La Bonté Dada 2 EP  Willoughby Revisited, Jungle Horn, Big Bang, Memory Tag / Pulsar Four, Tumors (w/Shari Famous). [Label: Moxie/CMI]
1027 the huns 1965 EP  Long Way Around, The World You Cannot Hide From / I've Got You On My Mind, I Gotta Move [Label: Moxie/CMI]
1028 Johnny Farfisa's Greatest Hits  Sky Is falling, Satisfaction / She's Gone Away, Monkey On My Back. [Label: Moxie/Panda]
1029 1st 60s Surf EP  Teen Beats,  Mr. Moto, Surf Bound; Vaqueros,  Echo / Gamblers, L.S.D.25, Moon Dawg!; Avantis,  Gypsy Surfer. [33 1/3 rpm.  Produced by Kronos]
1030 Moving Sidewalks  99th Floor, What Are You Going To Do/ Need Me, Every Night A New Surprise [Label: Mutt Records]
1031 Eddie & The Snowmen  Showtime: Just Look, Sheila, Theme 1 / Come On Babe, Walking The Dog, Danny Boy 
1032 Sons of Adam  You're A better Man Than I, Saturday's Son, Feathered Fish / Baby Show The World, Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day, Take My Hand.
1033 Flo & Eddie Butcher's EP Vol. 1  
1034 60s Punk EP # 3 Rear Exit, Miles Beyond, Excitation; Pilgrimage,  Bad Apple / Perils,  Hate; Petrified Forest,  So Mystifying; Road Runners,  Goodbye
1035 Rich La Bonté Chance Circumstance / Drums Along The Maple Wood [Label: CMI/Moxie]
1036 The Unclaimed  Time To Time, Run From Home / The Sorrow, Deposition Central. 
1037 Dred Scott 12" EP
1038 Iron Horse  5X5 EP: Light My Fire, In My Own Time, 96 Tears / Time (Has Come Today), Back In The USSR
1039 The Surf Raiders  Surfin' "81" (Live At The Ice House): Let There Be Surf, Squad Car, Wild Weekend / The Curl Rider, Church Key, Gum Dipped Slicks
1040 Folk Rock EP  Boo Boo & Bunky,  Turn Around; Avengers,  Open Your Eyes; Blacksheep,  It's My Mind / Bees,  Leave Me Be; Bats,  Nothing At All; Beer, Anymore
1041 The Daily Flash Jack Of Diamonds, Queen Jane Approximately / Green Rocky Road, French Girl
1042 Funniest of Moxie  Jimmie Cross,  Ballad Of James Bong; Winds Of Notre Dame,  Radiation Baby; Jerry & The Landslides,  Get Off Of My Roof / Mike Evans,  Gruesome; Sivad, Sivad Buries Rock & Roll; Nikita The K,  Go Go Radio Moscow  
1043 Miracle Workers  Hung Up, You Don't Know / Out Of My Head, Psycho 
1044 The Pandoras  I'm Here, I'm Gone; It's About Time / That's Your Way Out
1045 The Surf Trio (1984) Down I-5, Walking The Plank, Cannon Beach, Beach Genius / Crash, I'm Branded, Moment of Truth
1046 Falling Spikes  7+7 Is, Doesn't Matter Anymore / You're Gonna Miss Me, My Baby Hurt My Head
1048 Electric Flies  Burnin' Me Up, Bad Boy / Guarantee, Lonesome Tears, Sweet Lil' Ada. Ron Kleim of The Surf Trio played bass.
1049 60s Punk EP #4  Featuring Motion, Xellents, Electric Company, Al Quick and the Masochists, Laymen
1050 Bottled Hungarian You and Me, He Was My friend, Greenback Dollar / Boyfriend, Police Action
1054 Falling Spikes  Big Blue Wave / Calm Dippin' [Aqua-green vinyl 1990] 
1055 Garage Zone Bonus EP 
1059 Various Try One of These: The Overcoat - Baby You're Wrong, Falling Spikes - The Glass In The Sand / 14th Wray - The Your Face Is In My Mind, The Worst - Creepy Thing
1060 Wicked Ones  Friends Like You / Till The Break of Dawn
CMI 005  R. Stevie Moore  New Wave / Same [Label: CMI  Red vinyl]
CMI 007  Rich & Famous  Drums Along The Maple Wood / Night Train To Albany [Label: CMI - Different B-side from M1035 - only 12 acetate copies made - cut in DG's living room :o)>]
201  Kindred Spirit   
N/A The Chesterfield Kings Recorded an unreleased EP for Moxie; don't know whether it was scheduled with a catalog number or not, but it was issued on the bootleg "Fossils". 
Moxie Record Company LPs
MLP 1 Various Artists Boulders Vol.1 
MLP 2 Zakary Thaks  Texas Band: Bad Girl, I Need You, Face To Face, Weekday Blues, Won't Come Back, Please / Mirror Of Yesterday, Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps, Outprint, Everybody Wants To Be Somebody, Green Crystal Ties, My Door - Drummer Stan Moore executive produced.
MLP 3 Various Artists Boulders Vol.2 
MLP 4 Various Artists Boulders Vol.3 
MLP 5 Rich La Bonté Mayan Canals 12" EP [Label: Moxie/fLAtDiSk Multi-colored vinyl]
MLP 6 Kim Fowley and Rich La Bonté Kim Fowley Jr.: Son of Frankenstein [Label: Moxie/fLAtDiSk]
MLP 7 Various Artists Boulders Vol.4 
MLP 8 Various Artists Boulders Vol.5 
MLP 9 Various Artists Boulders Vol.6 
MLP 10 Various Artists Boulders Vol.7 
MLP 11 Various Artists Boulders Vol.8 
MLP 12 Various Artists Boulders Vol.9 
MLP 13 Various Artists Boulders Vol.10 
MLP 14 Various Artists Flight To Lowlands Paradise Vol.1 
MLP 15 Various Artists Flight To Lowlands Paradise Vol.2 
MLP 16 Various Artists The Garage Zone Vol.1 
MLP 17 Various Artists The Garage Zone Vol.2 
MLP 18 The Surf Trio  Safari in a Living Graveyard LP
MLP 19 Various Artists Boulders Vol.11 
MLP 20 Various Artists The Garage Zone Vol.3 
MLP 21 Various Artists The Garage Zone Vol.4 
MBox 1 Various Artists Boulders presents The Sixties Punk EP Box
MBox Various Artists Boulders 1-11 LP Box Set (European ~ October 1989)
MBox Various Artists Boulders 1-11 LP Box Set (North American ~ January 1990)
MBox 4 The Surf Trio  "Unreleased" - 5 Record Box Set - Moxie Records 1991 
MBox Various Artists The Garage Zone Box Set - MLP 16/17/20/21 and M 1055
LSD-025 13th Floor Elevators Live S.F. '66

Original list and some notes derived from a Bomp Post by Jeroen Vedder and Discogs listings.
Other annotations on this page contributed by Ron Kleim and Rich La Bonté.
This list is for historical purposes only and always subject to correction.

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